Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

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Philip Manfield, Phd


Philip Manfield, PhD, is an EMDRIA-approved consultant and trainer in Berkeley, CA, specializing in EMDR and in preparing complex cases for trauma processing. Almost all the 34 videos posted on this site were conducted with training participants as "clients" processing real issues, and almost all were single session treatments. Twenty-three videos are of Trauma Processing and 11 are of "Dyadic Resourcing" sessions.  Each is unique. Dyadic Resourcing is a subtle resourcing process developed by Dr. Manfield that enables clients with complex trauma histories to process their early traumas using EMDR. With the exception of recent sessions, follow-up was done with clients to ensure that treatment gains held over time. Videos can be viewed in FULL SCREEN on most computers by clicking on the expansion box in each video box. For full screen, this site must be accessed directly as www.emdrvideo.com, rather than referred from another site. Permission is granted for the use of these videos by EMDRIA-approved consultants for training and consulting purposes. Thoroughly annotated transcripts of many of these videos are available in two books by Dr. Manfield: Dyadic Resourcing: Creating a Foundation for Processing Trauma and EMDR Up Close: Subtleties of Trauma Processing. Dr. Manfield offers training in both the Subtledies of EMDR and Resourcing. (www.philipmanfield.com)

EMDR Trauma Processing Sessions:                                                   Dyadic Resourcing Sessions:



My thanks to the participants in these videos who generously permitted their work to be shown here.